Branding and Messaging.

Does your brand resonate? Will it sustain loyalty? Is it consistent and authentic? What is in a brand anyway? A lot, actually.

We believe your brand is a critical business strategy. It’s more than simply your name, logo and other outward symbols that will invariably distinguish your products and services. It is your identity — the totality of your company’s experience. It can increase your value to investors, build mindset with your target audiences, and actively influence the decision on the part of your customers to buy your products or services. And a critical component of that brand is your messaging. It must be simple, consistent, persuasive.  We can help with that.

We’ve done identity and brand work for companies from Handspring to Solectron, Parametric to Blue River Run, and more, and have crafted messaging and positioning for a wide range of clients. As part of the branding work, we will identify key differentiators, strengths and weaknesses, and key attributes that will be used to develop a messaging platform hierarchy organized by stakeholder audience.

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