From startups in stealth mode to mid-size companies ready to launch new products and brands, to the Fortune 500, hoping to maintain their leadership and competitive advantage, we’ve worked for companies of all sizes, in a broad cross section of industries.

  1.   Biotechnology

  2.   Consumer/Retail

  3.   Computer/Enterprise

  4.   Energy/Cleantech

  5.   Financial Services

  6.   Healthcare

  7.   Hospitality

  8.   Non-Profits/Education

  9.   Real Estate Development

  10.   Semiconductors

  11.   Software

Not to name drop. Okay, we’ll name drop. Our clients have included:

3PAR, AOL/Netscape, Apple, Calpine, GetThere/Sabre, HP, IBM, Intel, Intuit, KKR, LifeScan, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, Olevia, Petco, Pottery Barn, Reardan Commerce, Siemens, Stanford University, Sunpower, Tektronix, TiVo, Westin St. Francis, Varian, Visa, Wiley Publishing, Wilshire Associates, Wind River, and many more.

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