Survivors International.

Industry: Non-profit.

Project: Award-winning Annual Report.

Strategy: Survivors International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief and treatment to survivors of torture. To articulate their message, we wanted to tell the story in the most provocative way — from a survivor.

Opening quote:

“My mirror where I could see myself was broken. Now I live without a soul. No, I don’t live. Me is dead. I go on trying to find the pieces, putting them back together. I just want to become whole again.”

Introductory copy:

Rebuilding lives, individual by individual, community by community— this is the work of Survivors International. Sadly, torture is not rare in today’s world, nor are those whose lives have been devastated by it. Many come to the United States in the hope of finding safety and asylum, which means that we in this country, live, work, and interact daily with people who have been forced to endure unconscionable acts of physical and mental violence. To assist some of those who have survived the afflictions of torture, Survivors International was founded in 1986 as a non-profit, grassroots organization.

From Executive Director’s Letter:

“I wish it was not necessary to write this letter. I wish there was no need for an organization such as Survivors International. Not only is torture still very much with us, but its use has increased in recent decades. Dictatorial governments, military establishments, police, and anti-democratic groups in more than 120 countries systematically use physical and mental torture to intimidate and control populations. People — individuals like you and me — are made to suffer extreme pain and anguish because of   what they think, say, or stand for.”

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