What’s your story?  Is it compelling, believable — memorable? Does it captivate your intended audience? Can you tell it in 25 words or less? We can help with that.

At Words By Design, we start by asking the right questions. Lots of them. We must understand what makes you different, your market and customer focus, and why your brand resonates (or doesn’t) before we can effectively communicate your story. We listen intently to your needs, then challenge your assumptions — even the “we’ve always done it this way thinking” and also conduct our
own due diligence. We explore your competitors, the industry market opportunity, and more. In some cases, we conduct communications audits to see how your “positioning” is tracking with your target audience.  But in the end, it comes down to making sure the words provide an enduring impact. They must grab attention and spark interest. Even rattle some cages for that “a ha” moment.  And most important, your story has to be told in a way that clearly differentiates you from the rest.

Flow of Typical Creative Engagement

  1. Strategy/Needs Assessment —Define project goals and objectives, scope, audience and timeline.

  2. Content Development — Interview management and/or customers, conduct due diligence on competitors, and research on messaging concept and thematic direction.

  3. Copy Platform — Create framework for the project, may include  percentage weighting of key messages, concept ideas, sample of ‘voice’ and thematic approach.

  4. Writing Development and Revision Cycle — Finetune all copy and messaging based on client feedback.

  5. Project Delivery/Launch — Depending on the project, this may include QA testing and proofing all content/links prior to launch, reviewing final designs, and/or copyediting/proofing documents in layout.    

We generally work on a project basis, but can work on an hourly or contract basis, depending on your needs.

  1.   Start reviewing our portfolio. Go to work. [Although we assure you it won’t be.]


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