Industry: Technology.

Project:  Annual Report.

Strategy: In the history of television, 2000 will be remembered as the year that “Personal TV” came of age and changed the way we watch television forever. This was TiVo’s first annual report — and it highlighted the leading role it played in this revolution.


Go ahead, touch that dial. Take complete control over live TV. As a TiVo viewer, you can watch what you want, when you want. As a content provider, you can engage with viewers in ways never before possible — personalizing content and the entire viewing experience. All thanks to TiVo.

Television — as we know it — is undergoing a profound change. One that is radically altering how we watch TV, how broadcasters develop and deliver programming, and how advertisers promote and sell products and services. Thanks to TiVo, viewers of all ages get something they never had before: better TV and a more personalized experience. TiVo viewers can choose what, when, and how to watch TV — regardless of the TV delivery system they have: cable, antenna, or satellite. Forget prime time. With TiVo, fixed time slots for viewing TV may soon be as antiquated as black and white TV.

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